How much does the FIFA World Cup winner get as Prize Money?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is less than 8 months away as well as the prep work for the quadrennial mega event of International football have kicked off. We currently recognize the names of almost all the groups that are set to occur in the magnificence competition that will last for over 2 months. FIFA has also released the Groups as well as we can now start our permutation and mixes to figure out which groups have the highest likelihood of winning the tournament.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 prices $200 billion:

The greatest football party gets underway in Qatar on November 20 as the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup starts on that particular with hosts Qatar taking on Ecuador. Do you recognize that the Qatar Football World Cup will be the most costly football World Cup to be ever held. The overall expense of hosting the Qatar World Cup is reported to be around $220 billion. It is around 20 times extra that the price of the previous football World Cup kept in Russia.

Complete Cost of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022:- Total expense of hosting the World Cup (consisting of money invested in structure arenas and other facilities jobs): $220 billion.

While the greatest point that the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022 victories is the pride and respect that the World Cup Trophy brings with it, the winning team also obtains a hefty reward quantity. The reward amount that the victor of the FIFA World Cup gets every 4 years changes.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money: How Much is it?

According to trustworthy sources, it has been completed by FIFA that the winning team of the Qatar World Cup will certainly obtain significant cash prize of $42 Million. The runners-up will certainly get $30 Million, the 2nd runners-up will certainly get $27 Million as well as the fourth-placed group also will certainly obtain a sum of $25 Million.

The winning amount is normally shared between the whole team and also the employee as well as a small part also goes to charity and also the National Football Association fund of that country.

Besides these couple of cash prize, every taking part group will be obtaining $1.5 Million. During team phases, the quantity may rise completely to $9 Million. All 16 teams to qualify for the knockout phases will obtain $13 Million and also out of them the ones to get approved for the Quarter Finals will certainly get $17 Million.

What is the cash prize at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar?

FIFA has established a complete prize money bag of $440 million, with the tournament champions getting $42 million.

Prize money 2022 FIFA World Cup

Place – Prize cash

Champions – $42 million

Runner-up – $30 million

3rd Place – $27 million

4th Place – $25 million

5th– 8th Place – $17 million

9th– 16th place – $13 million

17th– 32nd place – $9 million

In addition to the $440 million prize money bag, there is $48 million ($1.5 million per participating nation) in preparation money offered. Each getting involved country will certainly at least earn $10.5 million.


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