All About  Apple Pay


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Apple Pay is a mobile payment and also digital wallet solution by Apple Inc.  

Apple Pay?

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that enables users to make payments face to face, in IPhone applications, and online using Safari. 

What Apple Pay Do?

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Initially introducing in the USA, Apple Pay is available in lots of Countries.

Apple Pay Availability

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The solution works with apple iphone 6 as well as more recent, iPad Air 2 and also more recent, Macs with Touch ID, and all Apple Watches.

Device compatibility

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Apple Pay uses the EMV Payment Tokenisation Spec.

Technology Uses?

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Concerning two-thirds of merchants approve Apple Pay, but lots of terminals don't.

Worldwide Approval

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permits the transfer of money from one customer to an additional using iMessage 

Apple Cash

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Apple Pay does not trigger added charges for individuals and also merchants.


Finance Updates

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