Amazon (AMZN) Wins Government Contracts


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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has won big government agreements worldwide, despite expanding political criticism. 

Amazon (AMZN) Wins Government Contracts  

Among these critiques is that Amazon is proficient at tax evasion. 

Amazon (AMZN) Wins Government Contracts  

these reviews are "very misleading," comparing the full value of a multi-year agreement to incorrect figures for a solitary year's taxes. 

Amazon counters that  

Amazon also asserts that AWS offers large cost financial savings to governments. 

Amazon counters that  

In 2020 and 2021, AWS won agreements with the U.K. government worth a total amount of 425 million British extra pounds sterling (GBP). 

Some AWS Government Dealings 

Amazon supposedly has signed a $10 billion contract with the National Protection Agency (NSA). 

In the United States 

the same record discovers that AWS has won agreements worth 626 million Australian bucks (AUD). 

In Australia