Some Qatar Residents Pushes Out of Homes Due to FIFA World Cup Boom


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More than one million football followers are anticipated to descend on the Capital Doha during the November-December event. 

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Landlords that have actually found an open up to boost leas "reveal no pity" and the marketplace is dominated by "greed". 

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Reem, a foreigner working a major Qatari firm, was informed she had a week to leave her apartment. 

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The company has moved Reem as well as various other employees into a hotel, but they can just stay there up until November 15, 

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Five days before the event starts. 

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Various other tenants in Doha informed AFP they were likewise required to choose between paying a lot more on lease or leaving. 

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Many fans will be staying in hotels, apartment or condos, cruise ships and desert camps scheduled via the official World Cup website. 

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On Airbnb, houses for 2 individuals go for $2,500 a night. 

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A villa for the full 29 days of the World Cup will cost fans booking…. 

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via the online platform a minimum of $13,000-- but prices can enter into the hundreds of hundreds of dollars. 

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While Qatari law enables an increase of up to 10 percent for a lease revival,. ...

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leas in some districts of Doha have increased by as much as 40 percent over the past year. 

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A Western diplomat in Doha stated embassy staff have demanded raised salaries to fulfill their rent settlements. 

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